Country Membership

IPWSO was established so that countries around the world could become members under one umbrella.  This is set in our Statutes:


Article 3. Members

3.1 The IPWSO membership is normally restricted to constituted national PWS associations;

3.2 However, unincorporated PWS associations, consisting of a group of parents or professionals, whose intention it is to constitute their PWS association in due course, may also apply for associate membership. In countries where regional PWS associations are established but no national associations exists, an agreed upon national association may represent them in the IPWSO.

3.3 The Board may create other categories of associate members that shall not be entitled to vote.

Article 4. Admission to membership

4.1 Applications for admission to membership must be made to the Board of the IPWSO for approval.

4.2 Membership of the Organisation with the rights and obligations pertaining thereto, will not be finally granted until such time as the annual membership fee is paid, as stipulated in Article 12 of the Statutes.

4.3  The procedures and qualifications for admission are at the discretion of the board.


All fully subscribed country members with their own constituted PWS Association pay a subscription fee based on the number of families in their membership.  An annual subscription is from 1 January to 31 December.


500 members (and over)         EUR       1,000

300-499   members                                   500

100 - 299  members                                  200

50-99   members                                       100

Fewer than members 50                            50


All subscribed country members have voting rights at the General Assembly which is held every three years in conjunction with the IPWSO International Conference.


Associate Membership

Countries where there is no constituted PWS Association, but where there is either (or both) a Professional Delegate, or Parent Delegate may claim Associate Membership.  This entitles these delegates to receive all information, support, and educational knowledge from IPWSO via our Newsflash, social media, or direct access to IPWSO and its boards for help and support.


Associate Membership does not entitle voting at the General Assembly.

Associate Membership of secondary PWS Associations

Where there is another PWS Association or organisation in a country, this association or organisation can apply for IPWSO Associate Membership and receive the same benefits and access to IPWSO as ordinary Associate Membership (above).  There is also an entitlement for a Parent Delegate, a Professional Delegate, and a Caregiver Delegate as representatives of the Association.  However, there is no entitlement for voting at the General Assembly as any voting decision must be made in conjunction with the primary PW Association of that country.



IPWSO Delegates

Each country's registered PWS Association appoints Parent and Professional Delegates to be their representatives.  When applicable, a Caregiver Delegate  is also appointed. 

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