Conference Host Bid 2022

IPWSO encourages and promotes bidding for hosting of its international conferences from its member countries.  Any country which is a fully subscribed member of IPWSO may put in a bid for this honour.  IPWSO holds the right to select countries whose bid fits our guidelines and we do due diligence on each bid.​

However, the final vote remains with YOU - our subscribed countries!  You have the power to make this choice by bidding at our General Assembly.  The country receiving the highest number of votes will be the host of the next international conference.​ Click to see the previews. 

This year we have 4 countries bidding for this honour and to expedite matters, we have asked each country to send us a one-page 'teaser' for you to think about.  Each country will have a poster at the conference venue and will be delegates will be available for you to talk with. 


Each country will also have a 15 minute time-slot at the General Assembly to describe their bid in fuller detail with a short time for you to ask questions.


Talk to your PWS ASSOCIATION  to let them know your interest.  They will cast their bid at the General Assembly via their PARENT DELEGATE, or PROXY.  The result will be announced straight away.

Douglas House, 18b Trumpington Road, Cambridge


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