10th International PWS Conference
 The local hosts for the event were the Cuban Society of Human Genetics (SOCUGEN).
Havana, 13-17 November, 2019

This was IPWSO's 10th international Prader-Willi syndrome conference. We hold these meetings every 3 years, each time in a different country. The conference was divided into four streams: Clinical and Scientific, Parent and Family, Caregivers and Residential Providers, and a Children and Siblings Programme. This time, significantly, our conference was held in Havana, Cuba. Cuba has been an important part of IPWSO's large 'family' of 105 members and the progress made by a few families and dedicated professionals is fantastic.

We were joined by 500 delegates from 43 countries worldwide.

Depending on availability of funds, IPWSO offers scholarships to attend our conferences.  Contact us to  keep up to date with conferences, workshops, meetings, and scholarship grants.

Scholars for 2019 can be seen here

Scholars for 2018 can be seen here.  

Has your Association or Organisation thought about hosting an IPWSO conference?  Over the years these have been hosted in the Netherlands, Italy, Norway, New Zealand, USA, Romania, Taiwan, UK, Canada and most recently Cuba.  Ireland will host in 2022 but maybe your Association would like to start thinking about 2025!

Click to read flyers from the 4 countries which bid to host in 2022, and many congratulations to Ireland which was successful. They will host us at the University of Limerick in 2022.

Douglas House, 18b Trumpington Road, Cambridge


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