General Assembly

Every three years IPWSO holds its General Assembly in conjunction with its International PWS Conference and at which, everyone is welcome.  This is required as laid out as Article 7 in our Statutes.  This states:

7.1  The members of the IPWSO shall each appoint two representatives to take part in the proceedings of the General Meeting. The two representatives shall be:

7.1.1 One or two to be a parent, relative, or guardian of a person with PWS - ”parent representative”

7.1.2  a professional, with specialised knowledge of, and interest in, PWS (i.e. medical, social, psychological, educational and/or juridical) - ”professional representative” who need not be a member of that member association.’

7.2  Each member country shall be entitled to one vote. The associate members may attend the General meeting but are not entitled to vote.

7.3  The General Meeting is vested with full powers in order to achieve the objectives of the Organisation.

7.4  The President or, in his/her absence the Vice-President, is appointed Chairman of the General Meeting.

7.5  The General Meeting deals with all matters that do not fall expressly within the competence of the Board, in particular:

7.5.1 appointment of the President and the Board members;

7.5.2 approval of budget, accounts, financial;

7.5.3  determination of membership fees;

7.5.4  modification of statutes;

7.5.5  expulsion of a member;

7.5.6   dissolution of the Organisation.

7.5.7   matters referred to it by the board or submitted by a member.


7.5.8  appointing up to two patrons whose appointments will be for their lifetime unless they resign.


7.6  A general Meeting shall preferably be held at least every three years, as an Ordinary General Meeting called by the Board, but always  in conjunction with the International Conference.

7.7  An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened by the Board at any time. It must be convened when requested in writing by three or more members of the Organisation. or by the auditor.  Due to the geographical spread of its members, these meetings may be held by fax or any other suitable electronic method.

7.8  Each member shall be advised of the date and place of the Ordinary General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting at least 90 days before it shall occur. Any proposals which members may wish to have included on the agenda, including nomination for election to the Board, must be submitted to the President at least 60 days prior to the date of the meeting. The agenda, report of activities and financial report shall be sent out at least 30 days before the date of the meeting.

7.9  In addition to the representatives, the members are entitled to invite observers to the General Meeting.

7.10  The rules relating to quorum and to the establishment of a majority in a General Meeting are the following:  

7.10.1 A quorum is established if one half of the total number of paid-up members of the Organisation  are represented at the Meeting. If the total number is uneven, then the quorum will be the greatest number thereto.  Thirty days before a General Meeting, the auditors will provide the President with a list of paid-up members, which list will be binding on the General Meeting.


7.10.2  Unless otherwise stated in the statutes or by law, all resolutions will be taken by a simple majority of members present and represented with the Chairman having a casting vote.


7.10.3  Voting shall be carried out by paid-up members only and by a show of hands - but the Chairman of the Meeting may impose a vote by ballot and must do so if requested by at least two members.

Minutes of Previous General Assembly

The previous GA was held in Toronto, Canada on 24/7/2016 and draft Minutes can be downloaded here 

IPWSO, Douglas House, 18b Trumpington Road,

Cambridge CB2 8AH, UK

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