Multimedia Submission & Consent

Terms & Conditions

Thank you for considering sharing photos and or video recordings with IPWSO. 

IPWSO exisits to help raise awareness of Prader-Willi syndrome around the world by providing information and support to associations, families, carers and professionals. We heavily rely on the support of our members, volunteers and social followers to help to achieve this on a global scale. 

The use of photos and films, kindly sent to us, help us to promote our messages, campaigns and general information across all of our digital channels and marketing materials. This includes on our website, social media, printed and downloadable publications and resources, and for the use of presentations at conferences, workshops and meetings. As we work with other associations, including the Friends of IPWSO organisation, there may be occasions where we share these resources in order to support our global network, after checking with the request for sharing and preceding use of these. 

Before submitting or sharing any photos or films with us, we ask that a confirmation declaration is completed to agree that we may use your digital images to promote awareness and in certain instances share amongst our network of member associations. 

Please read the following terms and conditions:

  • I give permission for IPWSO to use any photograph, video- and audio-record of me/my son/daughter/ward and to reproduce these indefinitely for any promotional, educational or other any other such reasonable purpose relating to the work of IPWSO.

  • I understand that I can withdraw this permission at any time by emailing with the participant’s name.

  • I also understand that once I withdraw permission IPWSO may be unable to prevent further circulation of materials already prepared including online use.

  • I give permission for IPWSO to edit the original format of any photograph, video- and audio-record of me/my son/daughter/ward and use these edited versions in any way that IPWSO wishes to use as appropriate.

  • I give permission for IPWSO to store and retain any photograph, video- and audio-record of me/my son/daughter/ward and to transfer to others where deemed appropriate.

  • I give permission for IPWSO to reuse any photograph, video- and audio-record of me/my son/daughter/ward in the future, and agree that there is no set deadline as to when these forms of multimedia may expire.

  • I give permission to IPWSO to store my details from the following contact forms and for IPWSO to contact me regarding the use of any submitted multimedia, should it be deemed appropriate. 

  • I confirm that I am aged over 18 or I am the parent/guardian/carer of a young person under the age of 18.

  • I give permission for IPWSO to the photographer/filmmaker/owner of any mutlimedia submitted, the right to photograph/film/record me and use across any digital channels and marketing materials or purposes deemed appropriate and necessary by IPWSO. I confirm that I understand that this may be used across social media, websites, printed marketing materials, YouTube, conferences, mobile apps, fundraising and advertising and other marketing campaigns. I agree that the use and distribution of any forms of multimedia are not limited to these uses and may be shared across IPWSO member associations. 


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